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At DCI, we take pride in our work. We are THE best choice to be your specialized, professional and skilled hotel furniture installation company. At DCI, we know you want the best. With 20 years experience at installing hotel furniture we've gained valuable knowledge in the industry and are ready to get to work for you. 

We are efficient project managers. We collaborate with hotel owners, procurement 
companies, designers and  architects, and general contractors to get your project 
from conception to finish. We have a PROVEN installation process which we have 
perfected over the past 20 years on projects throughout the nation. We are 
efficient and  professional and we get the job done. 

We know costs and time are the major factors in keeping your project on schedule
and budget. We work with all players to get in and out as expeditiously as possible. 
Its our goal to be the final trade on site. We install most projects complete in a 2-3 week timeframe when afforded the opportunity to have full access to a completed building and control of setting the delivery schedule. 

                                                           We believe in the assembly line as being the most efficient work process. We receive                                                            product right at your front door direct from manufacturer - saving you warehousing                                                            costs. We put the product on our specialized moving equipment and distribute                                                            strategically through the building handling the product one-time. We find these                                                            processes save hotel owners and general contractors money on: warehousing, labor,                                                            and damage claims by getting the product as efficiently by touching the least amount                                                            of hands as possible from the manufacturer to its     final installation spot in the guest                                                            room or publics spaces of your property.  

We are efficient project managers and use easy to use reporting techniques which give you real-time information on deliveries, damage, and products issues. Our installers in the field have access to forms and data and when issues arise they communicate immediately to get solutions to solve the issues immediately. We know each project is different and its not if you are going to have issues, it's when. We also know that what separates the good teams from the bad is how you deal with the issues in the end. 

Thank you for taking the time to read to this point. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out. We would love to have the opportunity to discuss your upcoming new build or renovation hospitality, apartment, or senior living project.